Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I don’t know (or have forgotten) my password.  How can I reset it ?

A: Use the Forgot password link to reset your password. 

Q: I am an existing Football Club Member, but when I enter my email address into the password reset screen I get “ERROR WARNING: Email not found” ?

A: This means we do not have your current email address recorded against your membership.  Email us at membership@manlyfootballclub.com.au and we will update your Membership profile with your email address and send you a password so you can login.

Q: I use the same email address as another Football Club member (eg Husband/Wife/Partner/Child) and if I try to login with that email address I end up logging into their Membership profile.  How can I login to my Membership profile to manage and renew my Football Club Membership online ?

A: Our Membership software (Wild Apricot) requires each Member to have a unique email address in order to login as the system uses your email address as your username.  This means two or more Football Club Members cannot share the same email address within our system.

To overcome this problem, the Football Club suggests you do the following:-

  1. Go to Gmail* and create a new Gmail email address (click the “CREATE AN ACCOUNT” button in the top right corner of the Gmail page).
  2. Within your Gmail account, go into SETTINGS, then FORWARDING AND POP/IMAP and set your newly created Gmail email address to automatically forward all incoming emails to your usual (shared) email address.
  3. Email us at membership@manlyfootballclub.com.au to let us know your new Gmail address so that we can add it to your membership profile and send you a password.
  4. Login to your Membership profile using your new Gmail address and the password we send you (or use your new Gmail address to perform the password reset).
  5. The beauty of this approach is that once you have created a new Gmail address and set it to forward to your usual email address, you do not need to return to Gmail to check for any messages.   You just set and forget your Gmail address.  Any messages we send to you at your Gmail address will automatically be delivered to your usual email address.  Your new Gmail address is used solely to give you a unique email address within our system for logging in to your Membership profile.

*Of course, you don’t need to use Gmail.  You could choose any online email provider that allows you to create an email address and set it to automatically forward all emails to your usual email address.

Q: I prefer not to use my credit card online.  How else can I pay my Football Club Membership?

A: Download the Football Club Membership form and return it with your Cheque / Money Order to:

Manly-Warringah Rugby League Football Club Ltd
PO Box 239
Dee Why NSW 2099.

Q: Can I renew for longer than 1 year ?

A: At present, NO, but the Football Club is looking to introduce longer renewal periods (eg 2 and 3 years).  We are also considering a one off, LIFE TIME membership option so that you never have to renew again.   We will advise Members when these options become available.

Q: Can I set my membership to renew automatically each year by direct debiting my credit card ?

A:  Yes, if you select the ANNUAL RECURRING membership level, you membership will be renewed automatically on the 1st January each year.  You can now use credit cards and set up automatic recurring (annual) renewal of your membership. The Football Club does not store credit card details. 

Q: I have renewed my membership, when do I get my 2022 Football Club Membership Card?

A: Membership Cards are printed and mailed in batches.  Please allow 4-5 weeks to receive your Football Club membership card.