About the MWRLFC

The MWRLFC (Manly-Warringah Rugby League Football Club) is a minority owner of the MWSE Ltd. That means the MWRLFC members also have an ownership stake in the MWSE Ltd, the Sea Eagles.

The MWRLFC holds the Preference Share in the Manly-Warringah Sea Eagles Ltd which gives our members, through their right to vote, determination over the Team’s name, colours, and its home ground, as well as two voting positions on the MWSE Ltd Board which, like the Football Club has seven members.

It is pleasing that our membership numbers remain strong. It is important that we maintain our relevance as an organisation. Strong membership numbers ensure the voice of our members (Sea Eagles fans) cannot be ignored. Our voice and our place within the Sea Eagles family is always important in the event there is a change to the ownership or governance of the Sea Eagles.

As always, we encourage MWRLFC members wherever possible and affordable, to also be members of the Sea Eagles.

The MWRLFC also produce an Annual Report as has been done every year since 1946, including the statistics for all grades. We believe we owe it to every player who pulls on the Manly-Warringah Sea Eagles jersey to have their name and other details recorded in this document, whether they played one game or 300 games. This gorgeous Annual Report is a collectors item for any avid Manly fan and is worth the cost of the Membership alone. By producing the Annual Report, we do not purport to represent ourselves as the Manly Warringah Sea Eagles Limited (MWSE Ltd) which is a separate legal entity administering and funding the Team.

Your Board:

  • Cliff LYONS (Chairman)
  • Scotty WILCOX (Company Secretary)
  • Julie SIBRAA
  • Nick CURULLI
  • Alf CZHARN